The Essentials of Risk Management
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The definitive guide to quantifying risk vs. return--fully updated to reveal the newest, most effective innovations in financial risk management since the 2008 financial crisis
Written for risk professionals and non-risk professionals alike, this easy-to-understand guide helps you meet the increasingly insistent demand to make sophisticated assessments of companies' risk exposure. It provides the latest methods for:
- Measuring and transferring credit risk
- Increasing risk-management transparency
- Implementing an organization-wide Enterprise risk Management (ERM) approach
Michel Crouhy is head of research and development at NATIXIS and the founder and president of the NATIXIS Foundation for Quantitative Research.
Dan Galai is the Abe Gray Professor of Finance and Business Administration at the School of Business Administration, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
Robert Mark is the Founding Chief Executive Officer of Black Diamond Risk which provides corporate governance, risk management consulting, risk software tools, and transaction services.

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